Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Training With Friends

So today I was lucky enough to be able to take some time off from work and head over to Bucks County Community College and sneak in a little training. My friend John, who has been training at my old school was there, and we got a couple of good rolls in. He's so much heavier than me that it's kind of useless to gauge my performance, we pretty much always end up fighting the same fight. I pass his guard, this time with a bull pass and by crossing my knee, I get side control, then he bumps me off. Today I was a little tired and made the mistake of letting him get on top of me, then turtled to prevent him from passing my guard. This was bad because when he puts his weight, about 225 lbs, on my turtle it's hard for me to do anything. I managed to fight out of that position though, and evenually scrambled back on top, where we were both exhausted enough to call it quits.

I showed him some of the moves that I've been working on at Maxercise and he was impressed. He mostly trains no-gi, and plays a no gi game with the gi on, which actually is a little disconcerting. He wanted to know if I was going to go up to the next Grappler's Quest in NJ, not sure about that one yet.


`Dolph said...

Hey Frank - Glad to see you started a bjj blog! `Dolph

slideyfoot said...

Heh - when I saw 'Bucks County', I thought for a moment there might be some training near me in Buckinghamshire I hadn't heard of. Keep forgetting how English place names pop up all over the US. ;)