Thursday, November 6, 2008

I am a new unit of measurement.

So I was working on a sweep with one of the girls, and Brian comes over to correct her. He positions himself properly underneath me, and says, "See, now he's light, light as a Frank." Maybe you had to be there.

Anyway, I made it to the tail end of the open mat, and trained with this menace blue belt, who's super fast, and very technical. I find myself just watching what he's doing as he passes my guard effortlessly. It was a good train, but I can feel my cauliflower ears coming back. Need to get headgear. Got a bloody nose too, which made me feel all tough.

Class, which was taught by a certain tall skinny brown belt, was good. We've been working positions from pulling the arm across your body from the full guard, and we worked some of that, and cross chokes from the guard, which I enjoy. Too tired now to get into details. We did some limited training from the full guard, and I was happy that I've gotten better at standing up to break the guard. Full training was good, went with some Judo players, and the same guy as before, with similar results. I did get to work on some escapes from the underhook pass, and the elbow escape which I have been working on.

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