Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sneakey Tournaments

These little tournaments kind of sneak up on you. I have been training regularly but not really focusing on a tournament game. Mostly I've been working on an answer to a particular butterfly guard pass, and some sweeps from a particular type of butterfly guard. Since I'm competing at the Battleship NJ tournament I had better start focusing again on my main go to positions. I say that like I actually know what I'm talking about, but I have only the vaguest idea of what they actually are.

Regis was back for a week and it was one of the best BJJ weeks of my life. I came to every class, went down to MD to do his seminar, and took a private on the above butterfly guard position. I feel like I have made more progress since training full time at the new gym than in all the time at Maxercise. Smallish classes, mostly blue belts and above, and lots of personal attention really make a difference. Regis went over a bunch of new positions, and covered some new details and cleaned up some old ones. It was great watching him train with Brian and Zak as well.

I've slacked off on the lifting too, I should get back into that. I haven't noticed a difference in class, but I am a lot more sore the next morning that I had been when I was doing weighted chin-ups and such.

Last night I fought what was probably the most technical match I've ever had. I was paired up with a very strong and agressive blue belt who has smashed me several times. We had a back and forth battle that lasted the entire ten minutes or whatever it was. I have been working on Saulo's running escape and it worked perfectly, and my x-guard was strong too. I really need to clean up my passing game though. I got to half guard with tight head and arm control, but couldn't get the pass.

I'd like to drill some more outside of class but it's hard to find the time and a partner that will commit to it.

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