Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I'm a Mess

So the toe is still swollen and sore. I'm going to give it another week and if the swelling hasn't gone down I'll take it to the doc. My thighs are super sore and tight from a leg workout I did on Monday. And I have a new injury! I lifted last night before my bi-weekly Shadowrun game and managed to strain my neck whilst performing a dumbell bench press.

It hurts to turn my head to the left or to put my left ear towards my shoulder. So that sucks. I'll probably still go to class tonight but definitely no training AT ALL, and I might have to be careful what I drill even. I should be ok as long as we don't practice something crazy, like the inverted guard, or how to avoid getting stacked from the triangle choke. I'm a little worried; I've heard so many horror stories about neck injuries that never go away. I'll probably be fine in a week, but I'm paranoid about messing up a disk or something.

In other news, I bought some protein from, and it should be arriving soon. I'm looking forward to lifting and putting on some muscle. Not being able to train means less calories burnt in class, which means I may be able to gain some weight finally.


BJJ Judo said...

Sounds like you were bridging up your body while doing the bench press.

Frank said...

Guilty as charged. I was experimenting with something my roommate suggested. Any experience with this type of injury?

BJJ Judo said...

I have had a bad neck since an injury in high school football. For me they only thing to do is rest it. Each time I hurt it I seem to take longer to recover than the time before. Sorry, no good advice other than rest. As for the bench press bridge, STOP CHEATING! Keep your upper back on the bench and do it right.

Lex said...

Thanks for mentioning Protein Factory. I never heard of them and their protein looks amazing. I just ordered a sample.